UK shopping delivery apps Getir, Gorillas, Dija reviewed – with discount codes

If you live in London, you might have noticed the rapid introduction of shopping delivery apps with strange names like Getir, Gorillas and Dija. These are companies that are backed with hundreds of millions of dollars venture capital money, and to rapidly gain market share they are offering incredibly generous discounts.

So far I’ve tried Getir, Gorillas and Dija, and they work exceptionally well. Within 10 minutes I’ve received a fortnight’s supply of oat milk, chocolate, bread, and milk. With the discounts, it also costs less than what I’d pay at my local Sainsbury’s. It all feels a bit dotcom boom circa year 2000, and the discount codes are unlikely to last for long, but while they’re around it’s worth taking advantage of them. Thanks Michael Moritz!

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Getir discount codes

No code required: Add £11 to your order, and tap “Select promotion” for £10 off.

Gorillas discount codes

CQ201470: Get £10 discount on your first order, minimum £20 order

HEY60: £15 off your first four orders, for new users only. Minimum spend £20 per order, and must be applied each time.

Dija (powered by Gopuff) discount codes

WELCOME10: 10% off your first order if you are a new customer

Gopuff (previously Fancy) discount codes

WELCOME50: 50% off your first order.

Zapp discount codes

1YY7: Get £10 off your first order, minimum order £20.

GETZAPP: £10 off. Available in west London

ZAPPTEN: £10 off. Available in west London

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A quick review of Getir

Getir is the first of the fast delivery apps I tried, which is probably because the blue and yellow branding and the all-electric delivery bikes are everywhere where I live in Hackney. The app is bright and cheerful, and your first order will only cost you £5 with the first delivery discounts. The prices aren’t cheap, but they are competitive with my local Sainsbury’s, and the process of signing up is quick and straightforward. I went for a batch of Tony’s Chocoloney, some oat milk and chewing gem. The delivery person arrived in about 10 minutes with a smile, and the food already in his hand in a reusable blue and yellow bag.

A quick review of Dija

The experience of signing up to Diji is just as easy as Getir, but I had to search online for a discount code. It wasn’t included in the app, unlike Getir. This time I went for more oat milk, regular semi-skimmed milk, a dozen eggs, some tomatoes and sourdough bread. The delivery person arrived in less than 10 minutes after I placed the order, and the food was in brown plastic bags with a hand written message.

A quick review of Gorillas

My order of £50 worth of groceries from Gorillas was discounted by £25 and arrived in 4 minutes. Some of the things were out of stock – mostly salad items – but everything else was there, and you can’t argue with a delivery time that’s quicker than it would have taken for me to get dressed and get to the shop. The ice bag that I ordered was still dry.

Maybe it was because I made a larger order, but Gorillas added in a free box of tea. Their messaging is also a bit more guerilla, with “Welcome to the jungle” written on the bags, and a personal note with the tea bags.

All three services are practically identical in their services – they were all exceptionally quick, got everything right, and the costs for the first deliveries were heavily subsidised. How long will that last?

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