About Spalpeen

Spalpeen is written and edited by Conrad Quilty-Harper, an award-winning digital editor. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram or send him an email. He is the co-author of Britannica’s Encyclopedia Infographica, a beautiful and rigorously-researched book about the world told through infographics and data visualisations.

Conrad is UK digital editor at Bloomberg UK, and previously he was the digital editor at New Scientist and editor of GQ.co.uk. Before that he edited the Daily Mirror experimental digital start-up Ampp3d and was the Interactive News Editor of the Daily Telegraph.

He started his career as a journalist at Joystiq.com and Engadget.com, two of the first commercially focused weblogs under Weblogs, Inc., which was eventually sold to AOL. He later went to work at Mahalo.com, a Sequoia- and Elon Musk-backed start-up in Santa Monica, California.

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